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I bought this for a few reasons, portability being major, but running from a battery, that was it, I bought one, along with the 15Ah power pack.

So far, I have done a single test run, non stop ~15hrs. I woke up late, so somewhere from 15-18 hrs.

Will be ideal for my day trip with my kayak, getting back to a nice cold drink or some chilled food. When I'm more sure of myself, I may even take it on board the kayak.

Held 2°C throughout that test, so I am chuffed.

Highly recommend this for picnics, day trips, or like me, in a small 4 wheel trolley, while I'm out fossicking.

Add in a soon to be here Bluetooth app, Feb 2024, you have all the features, a great unit, that's portable and runs from any 12v source.

I think this may be the perfect portable fridge/freezer, for your adventures.

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