NCE - Oscillating Fan 12V

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Annette C. (Queensland, Australia)
Shopping Experience: Prompt online service, delivery and support.
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Netti' opinion

We have 2 of these fans mounted on the ceiling. Sacrificed 2 light fittings, no problems as we have lots of lighting. They promote good air flow.
CONS...the remotes are fiddly and temperamental. I find the units to be very difficult to clean. In the humidity the dust turns very greasy. Only the front grill is removable, obviously the wiring prohibits further dismantling. Generally speaking they are OK.

Greame B.(. (South Australia, Australia)

NCE - Oscillating Fan 12V

Rod C.(. (Queensland, Australia)
Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes

just purchased the second unit, installed it. Pefect!
The first unit is used very regulalrly and hasnt missed a beat

Barbara W. (Victoria, Australia)
Shopping Experience: Great service and delivery. A pity the remote battery was dead and needed replacement.
Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes
Great fan

Great fan, once we got it going. We had to replace the battery in the remote control, which had gone flat in the box! Once this was changed, at a not insubstantial cost, the fan did everything it was supposed to do very well indeed.

Charlie J.(. (Queensland, Australia)
Shopping Experience: Very good quick 🚚
Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes
Nice product But.

Love the product and have put above the beds both sides... this is where the problem is. When you use the remote it control's both fans at once. A bit of a let down and will have to control by getting up and pressing the buttons.

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