Choosing the Right Caravan Step

It may seem like an easy task to choose the right caravan or RV step for your vehicle. However before making your purchase there are some important considerations to be made. Here are the tips to choosing the best caravan step.

Do you need a single or double caravan step?

Safety -  Safety is paramount. You will want to prevent falls from the caravan to the ground. With this in mind, firstly determine the size of the pitch your caravan is parked on and the size of the drop from your caravan to the ground.

You should be able to step comfortable down from the caravan onto the first step. If the distance is to great for a single step, you should purchase a double caravan step .

Storage – The obvious benefit of a single caravan step is its smaller size and therefore smaller storage space requirement and lighter weight. If you have no room to store your caravan step within the cabin, you might prefer to store it underneath the caravan, so it is not exposed to rain.

Therefore, the smaller caravan steps are desirable when storage is limited, or the pitch of your caravan has less room underneath. Double caravan steps are harder to store and heavier to move around.

However many double caravan steps come in collapsible or folding designs to limit the amount of storage space taken up.

Caravan step

Should you buy a soft or hard caravan step?

This can depend on your budget and the frequency of use and/or the need to put the steps away.

Caravan steps can be made with metals and alloys or plastic. Alloy caravan steps are resistant to rust and therefore more expensive. Plastic steps are a lot cheaper, easy to clean and rust free.

However, they will not usually fold as they are made with strengthening ribs for added support. Milenco caravan steps are very well engineered and affordable.

If you find you will regularly need to pack up and put away your steps, the lighter plastic and portable caravan steps could be the best way to go.

Milenco caravan steps

Does my caravan step need handrails for accessibility?

If you or any of your fellow caravanners and campers require handrails to safely move in and out of the caravan, handrails are extremely important to include on your caravan step model.

The Supex double and single caravan steps have a compatible handrail that can be attached to either side of the caravan step. If your steps don’t come with handrails, consider buying a handrail that you can attach yourself.

Just be certain that the handrail is compatible with the hardware of your caravan step.

caravan step with hand rail

Are LED lights needed on my Caravan Step?

LED lights are important if visibility is limited or you have fellow caravanners and campers that are visually impaired. There are many models nowadays that include LED lights along the edges of the caravan steps.

The TRA Caravan Drop down Single and Double steps come with an optional LED light feature.

caravan step with lights

What about the Tred of my caravan Step?

Whether you choose caravan double steps or single steps, you'll need a non-slip tread to prevent people from slipping in wet weather.

The Milenco single and double steps include rubber tread plates, while the TRA drop down steps include ribbed anti-slip tread.

Be sure to regularly wipe clean your caravan steps and ensure they are dry before use.


  • Space and Storage – Do you have enough storage within the cabin or underneath the caravan for a double step. If not, purchase a single caravan step and park your caravan on a very small gradient
  • Soft or Hard – Plastic is lighter and doesn’t rust, but also rarely folds up. So if you like the look of the stainless steel or alloy finish and want to be able to fold away the step, the more expensive hard option could be for you.
  • Safety and Accessibility – If people require assistance walking up and down the steps, handrails are a must. Ensure the step you purchase is compatible with handrails inclusions.
  • Visibility – If visibility is limited or you have visually impaired caravanners, purchase the LED light option
  • Tred – whether a plastic or metal caravan step is purchased, it must be safe to walk on. Anti-slip design must be incorporated to avoid falls.
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