Benefits Of Having A UHF CB Radio When Camping

If you are a caravanner or camper planning your next long-distance outdoor trip, you must get a UHF CB Radio. It is one of the best gadgets you must own to stay connected on your offroad voyage.

This article is for you if you don’t know what a UHF CB Radio is, its features and varieties available in the market, and what benefits it can bring to your trip.

A UHF CB radio is a type of citizen radio for everyone. The term stands for Ultra High Frequency Citizen Band Radio. It is licensed and authorized in many countries. It uses radio signals of 476.4250–477.4125MHz of the radio spectrum from around 80 channels for various uses.

Although it's publicly available doesn’t mean you can use it for any reason. You may end up paying a hefty penalty for the wrong use. A UHF CB radio is only authorized in Australia, Vanuatu, New Zealand, and Malaysia.

Oricom UHF CB Handheld 2-way Radio

One of its most promising facilities is to build 2-way communication. Depending on the terrain type, it transmits good signals within a short distance of 5 to 11 km or at a long distance of up to 25 km if used from a hill.

Citizens band (CB) radio may appear similar to a UHF CB radio in many aspects, mainly 2-way communication using a push button, but originally, both are very different. Each has its benefits and will help you decide which hand held radio is better for you.

Difference between UHF and CB Radio

One of the leading differences between UHF and CB radio is licensing. CB radio doesn’t require a license for personal or business communication, whereas you can’t use a UHF CB without a license.

CB radio uses radio signals of 27MHz of the radio spectrum from 40 channels. It has transmittance within the range of 4.8km to 32 km.

The transmittance power of a CB radio is fixed to 4 watts in UK and America, whereas a UHF CB radio has a minimum range of 5 watts. If you have a handheld radio, it transmits up to 6 watts, significantly increasing the range of transmission.

UHF CB radio is an advanced form of CB radio with beneficial features to help campers. It is available as a common radio receiver along with a transmitter-style fixed-mount radio and handheld radio.

Advantages and Disadvantages of UHF Handheld Radios

Handheld radios are also known as walkie-talkies. Handheld radios are famous among caravan campers as they are easy to use and put on pocket. Let’s look at their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of UHF Handheld Radios:

  • A handheld UHF CB radio is portable.
  • It performs dual functions of transmitting and receiving radio waves.
  • They work on batteries.

Disadvantages UHF Handheld Radios:

  • You will need to keep extra batteries.
  • A good handheld radio is in a higher price range.

What Are The Benefits Of UHF CB Communication?

Till now, you’ve learned some basic aspects and benefits of UHF radio, but do you know what benefits UHF CB communication in camping? After knowing them, you will always pack your easy to bring UHF radio for each camping trip.

1.   Scan Highways

When you are on your way to your camping destination, UHF radio will help you communicate with truckies and other drivers to have a smooth drive through the highways. It will guide you about road conditions and obstructions ahead.

2.   Convey Driving and Camping

Traveling and camping with a group is more fun, and UHF radio allows you to keep a check on each other and stay connected during your trip.  

3. Communication In Emergency Situations

Campers often choose far-off areas for a tranquil camping experience. But things can go wrong and emergencies can happen anywhere. UHF radio is extremely helpful in such situations as you can use dedicated channels 3 and 35 to call for help.  

4. Works Remotely 

Unlike mobile networks that need a proper infrastructure to work, UHF CB radio doesn’t need one. It works perfectly outdoors in areas where mobile networks aren’t available and helps campers communicate with each other or to emergency centers.   

5. Stay Interlinked

UHF channel 18 is dedicated to caravaners and campers only. Whether you moved in a group or alone, using your UHF CB radio, you can interlink with fellow caravan campers and help each other in their time of need.

Which UHF CB Radio is best for you?

UHF CB radios come with various features in a price bracket of $4000- $50. Here, we are enlisting some of the best UHF CB radio kits for you.

  1. Oricom UHF CB Handheld 2-way Radio UHF2390 Pack
  2. Oricom 2 Watt Waterproof UHF CB Radio Twin Pack
  3. Oricom - Handheld UHF CB Radio Twin Pack PMR795
Oricom - Handheld UHF CB Radio



UHF CB radio is an excellent device providing campers a means to build communication with one another and authorities during emergencies.

They offer a sense of security and many other benefits. All campers must carry a UHF CB radio when traveling to long distances off roads.