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Laura (Victoria, Australia)
Shopping Experience: So quick! Thank you
Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes

So compact and makes such an awesome coffee! My coffee snob husband loves it. RV online had it sent so fast! Shipped straight after I placed the order and I received the next day- thanks!

Mahmoud H. (New South Wales, Australia)
Shopping Experience: Very nice, delivered after 4 days.
Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes
Fantastic piece of work 😊

Perfect for me, I love the manual process, as well as love the taste. Only wish it was a bit bigger to accommodate more ground coffee and water, or to have an extention for water and coffee.
I was looking for such a manual machine for a long time.

Tarryn B. (Western Australia, Australia)
Shopping Experience: Postage took a while but that’s the reality of living in WA combined with the rail issues at present.
Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes
Best coffee I’ve made at home, and zero bench space

My pod machine (which lived in the laundry) died so I thought I’d give this a go. I have been using ground coffee to skip a step, due to having two little ones, and also heating milk in the microwave.. and it’s still the best coffee I’ve had at home! The foolproof tamping was what really had me sold.
I love that I can pack it away and keep it right next to the coffee cups. And will also be able to take it when we go away. Such. Great value and aesthetically pleasing option.

Alex (Victoria, Australia)
Shopping Experience: By far the cheapest price I could find. Quick, easy and hassle free transaction and the unit was at my door in under a week. Highly recommend
Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes
The perfect portable espresso

This machine is fantastic and can produce a great espresso with the right knowledge employed.
I would recommend this for someone who values great espresso and is willing to A) have an understanding on how to achieve a great espresso B) willing to put in a little work to achieve a great espresso.
There is some easier and more forgiving items on the market, but none that will produce the same quality given the right approach to its use.
I love how it packs up and everything is stored within the unit making it truly portable and a must have for camping, hiking etc.
If you intend to use this unit in remote locations, I would suggest also getting a manual grinder so you can freshly grind the beans and adjust the grind as necessary.

Ben T. (Queensland, Australia)
Shopping Experience: Excellent
Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes
Wacaco Picopresso

Absolutely fantastic little Espresso machine.
I can make an Espresso in under 5 minutes.
Some might find it a little clunky, but I enjoy the process

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