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Truma AquaGo - A new generation of instant water heaters

Constant and endless – Truma has developed a new generation of instant water heaters that are perfectly balanced to enhance comfort. 

Customers whose vehicles are equipped with the new Truma AquaGo water heater will have a comfortable water temperature while enjoying an unlimited supply of hot water without the risk of scalding.

The Truma AquaGo is the only instant water heater that utilises hybrid technology with a patent-pending temperature stabiliser. Users can adjust temperatures like at home: when showering, a constant hot water temperature is maintained even after the water is turned off, then back on again – no more scalding.

Thanks to microprocessor-controlled stepless burner management, Truma AquaGo water heater always delivers a constant water temperature, even at high and low flow rates and varying inlet water temperatures. A reusable filter cartridge reduces scale particulates.


All Features:

  • Hybrid technology with constant temperature – no scalding
  • Endless hot water even at high flow rates
  • Simple maintenance with "Easy Drain Lever"
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • Door Colour: Black
  • Appliance dimensions: Width 374 mm, height 374 mm, depth 394 mm
  • Nominal input 61.9 MJ/h 
  • Type of gas Liquid gas (Propane) 
  • Nominal voltage 12 V DC 
  • Power input < 2.5 A 
  • Standard water outlet temperature 49 °C 
  • Water capacity 1.3 litre
  • Weight (approximately) 15.5 kg

The warranty is given by Service Australia for 24 months from the date of purchase against any defect arising from faulty materials or workmanship.

Repairs will be carried out during normal business hours only by Service Australia, or its duly authorised service agents, and are subject to the warranty conditions and exclusions hereunder.

Warranty conditions:

The company will only provide service on presentation of proof of purchase, on either the Truma product, or the Caravan / RV / Pleasure Craft in which the Truma product has been installed, to any authorised service agent. The purchaser must allow the service agent to photocopy the proof of purchase to facilitate his claim to the manufacturer.

Warranty repairs can only be performed by authorised service agents and under no circumstances will Service Australia reimburse repairs carried out by unauthorised persons. Tampering with any part of the product by unauthorised personnel will automatically void the warranty.

The product must be used solely for domestic purposes only. If the product is used for commercial purposes the warranty is 6 months only.

Where applicable, the products must be used on the appropriate electrical voltage, gas type and pressure, or fuel source.

If at any time during the warranty period any part or parts are replaced with a part or parts not supplied or approved by Truma, this warranty shall immediately become void.

Important notice:

Before calling a service technician please check carefully the operating instructions, warranty terms and conditions. If the product fails for any of the reasons detailed therein, or is faulty due to abuse, misuse or improper installation, then a service fee shall be charged to the purchaser.

If you have any queries regarding the interpretation of the warranty you should contact Service Australia. Whilst this book represents service outlets at the time of printing, changes occur from time to time. Should you have any queries or wish to locate your nearest authorised service agent please contact Service Australia.

Warranty does not cover:

Any appliance which has been:

Subject to misuse, neglect, accident or alteration by any person.

Damaged or destroyed by fire, flood, act of God or other inevitable accident.

Fair wear and tear.

Damage from foreign substances such as dirt or liquid.

Travelling expenses or call out fee to and from authorised service agents premises.

Accommodation or Site Expenses.

Cleaning of the system. This is considered to be a part of normal product maintenance.

Non operation of the appliance or resultant damage to the unit where the appliance has been operated in an out of level situation.

Freight cost of the appliance or parts, to or from, point of service or transit damage.

Service Australia / Truma are not responsible for resultant loss or damage sustained by the purchaser.

Non operation of the appliance or resultant damage to the unit where the appliance has not been installed, ventilated, flued or operated in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

Apart from any warranties implied by the Trade Practices Act 1974 or any relevant State legislation all other warranties express or implied whether arising by virtue of statute or otherwise are hereby excluded.

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