FACTORY SECONDS - myCOOLMAN 47L 'The Roamer' Portable Fridge/Freezer - CEP47

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Vic (Victoria, Australia)
Shopping Experience: Great. Can not fault anything 🙌🏽
Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes
Affordable and Reliable: MyCOOLMAN 48L Factory Second Fridge/Freezer. Don't think twice about it!

I recently purchased two 47L Roamer MyCOOLMAN Factory Second Fridge/Freezers, and I couldn't be more pleased with them. Despite being factory seconds, they arrived in great condition and are perfect for our needs.

The price for a nearly 50L fridge is exceptional, especially considering the quality. One of the units had a few light scuffs, but nothing that affected performance; the other was pristine. Both were clean and appeared unused.

In terms of operation, these units are impressively quiet and maintain temperature at around 2° consistently. They've exceeded my expectations for a budget-friendly fridge/freezer. I’ve attached a few photos for you guys to see what you get when ordering one.
*Please note: The Engel Thermometer is from another retailer and doesn’t come with the fridge.

I highly recommend acting quickly on this deal; you might miss out otherwise and regret it. Don't hesitate—grab one while you can!

Kudos to RV Online for their swift delivery; the fridges arrived within 48 hours of ordering. Overall, a great purchase with excellent service.

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